Our Farm

We Grow Two Varieties Of Blueberries

… on our farm in Langley. Ralph has nurtured our plants over the years and since 2018 we have been harvesting farm fresh blueberries. Enjoy juicy and sweet Bluecrop blueberries, as well as firm and mildly tart Duke blueberries. At the beginning of each year we prune our blueberry bushes to produce a strong and abundant crop. The first part of the season starts in April when Ralph houses honey bees and their hives in our fields. This enables the pollination process for our blueberries which is vital for a productive season. The blooms are pollinated and then transition into buds which are very small and green and grow over the months into a plump, blue and juicy blueberry! Enjoy fresh blueberries at Ralph’s Farm Market in late June, July and early August. We harvest our berries by hand, then grade, sort and weigh them. They are then delivered by golf cart in small freshly picked batches to Ralph’s Farm Market. It doesn’t get a whole lot fresher than that!

The Life Of Our Blueberries

Step 1
January – June:
Prepare Blueberry Trees for a Bountiful Harvest

Step 2
June – August:
Harvest and Grade Blueberries 

Step 3
June – August:
Deliver Blueberries as harvested to Ralph’s Farm Market for our Community

Duke Blueberries

First blueberries to be harvested of the season. They’re known for being firm and solid and somewhat tart.

Bluecrop Blueberries

Mid season berry, big, softer side and juicy. Sweet flavour.